About Us

Established since 2003, Advent Training and Consultancy (Advent-TAC) is based in Singapore and provides training to organizations in the Asian Region. Advent-TAC is steered by veterans with experience in various industries, which include manufacturing, shipping and transportation, logistics, trading and banking.

Advent-TAC recognizes that in today’s competitive global economy, continual education and training has become essential in keeping both the individual and the organization relevant and up-to-date. Studies have repeatedly shown that properly planned and executed training contributes to the overall improved performance and productivity of both individuals and organizations, leading to higher cost savings, while increasing staff morale and staff retention at the same time.

In Advent-TAC, we firmly believe that education and training is more than simply passing examinations or getting good grades. Rather, education and training should provide a thorough understanding of the subject matter through the sharing of knowledge and real-life experiences.

Advent-TAC delivers real world experiences, through its highly experienced trainers, which adds value to your education. We continually invests in creating relevant, current and quality course materials that will ensure lasting and tangible benefits to both you and your organization. Contact us to work out a training plan that will help you to develop your organizational capabilities today.

Our Vision

To be a leading training partner to businesses in Asia.

Our Philosophy

Advent-TAC believes that every individual deserves to be trained and guided, so as to attain and maintain his best performance and potential. A collection of top performers working effectively as a team makes for an excellent organization. Advent-TAC thrives on dismantling complex theories into simple down-to-earth and practical steps that can be applied effectively and efficiently in any business practices.

Our Values

  • We trust and respect each individual and strive to protect his integrity. The integrity of an organization is upheld only if it comprises of individuals with a strong sense of integrity.
  • We build teams and encourage effective teamwork because without teamwork, an organization is but a gathering of people.
  • We seek out new and improved methods and training to service our clients, so as to enable them to soar to greater heights.
  • We preach and practise quality such that it permeates every fibre of the organization and value-adds to our business and that of our clients.